Supplier of Kindness

The demand of kindness is now getting far bigger than its supply.

In this supply-and-demand savvy world where every businessman is looking for scarcity to make himself its supplier, let’s take it as a great wonderful opportunity to be one. We will not get financially rich as a supplier of kindness, but we will surely get rich in happiness, peace of mind, blessings, friends, love, and other things that matter most in life.

Do you want to be a supplier of kindness?



Ally wrote a wonderful post about this when she asked, Where did common courtesy go?  Maybe you’d like to read it too. 😊

11 thoughts on “Supplier of Kindness

  1. I agree. It seems the supply of kindness certainly does not meet the need. But every time I see a news article of someone being selfless or a viral clip of a random act of kindness, I find hope. There are other suppliers out there!! Maybe if we shine more light on the kindness suppliers, it will encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Maybe. The thing is kindness takes very little effort most of the time. Even if it did, the rewards of kindness outweigh any effort spent. I love this post!!

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    1. True! There’s still hope! And maybe just by spreading that contagious “smile,” we can encourage those kindness suppliers to supply more; others to follow them, and us to become smile suppliers!

      Thanks for dropping by my starting-up little corner! 😊

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  2. I think I’m a supplier of kindness ….😂😃 Agree with you .A little kindness , courtesy and love for each other will cost nothing … Just mind should be free of stress 🍁

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    1. Thank you Mr. B for inspiring me with your encouragement!

      Did you know that I searched hard at your Blog just to look for your name? Then I stumbled at your reply to a blogger’s comment in About Page, asking you directly about your name. When you said you are not yet ready to reveal your true name, I realized, you may be an introvert like me.

      Actually, my initial thought was to ask your name directly. But instead, my introvertion pulled me to just browse your blog to look for the answer. I’m glad I did. 😂😂😂 At least now, I know you wanted to be called Mr. B.

      You reminded me of a colleague who died five years ago. He used to call me Mr, B too. That was because I was always wearing brown or black shirts. So the B stands for those colors 😊

      Anyway, thank you very much for making a bridge.
      You have a great blog, by the way!
      God bless you bro.

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      1. Thanks for this beautiful message. Made my day. The blogging community helped me a lot at a time that I needed to be inspired . It helped me connect with people who are share similar stories in life. It helped me discover myself & the dreams I used to have as well as make new ones . I wasn’t ready to tell people my real name but truth is, it doesn’t really matter if we know someone by their name or not , what matters is we know them or feel connected with them by heart. Thank you for the generous comment . Inspiring.

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      2. That is true. It is the connection that matters.

        This is also one thing I love about WordPress: people support and encourage one another. Let’s just continue to add value to one another.

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