31st Week: Creatively Pregnant

Dear Hannah,

Have a great day today!

Last time, we talked about being intentional in your every move — knowing that the baby in your womb has already started picking up and responding to most activities you take. And that by being intentional, you are showing your care to him deliberately, instead of just relying on the automatic systems of your body. I also promised you that on my next letter, we’d talk about why doing creative activities will prepare you better for the future of your mother-child caring interactions.

So, let’s jump forward to that near future…

Flash Forward

When David comes out — 9 weeks from now — he will begin his journey to discovery and growth. He will do it in stages. Every stage is different. As his mother, you will join him in this journey, one step at a time. As he learns new things, you will learn with him. As he grows, so are you.

Here are the first three stages of his life.

  1. Newborn — the first 3 months will pass by very fast or very slow. Depending on whether you are enjoying your son or you are frustrated because you can no longer do the things you’ve been doing before you became pregnant. Here, David’s life will be plain and simple: eat, poop, pee, cry, and sleep. You will observe him and learn his cycle and timing. Here, cry is his only language.
  2. Infant — months 4 to 6 are his infant days. Many things have already changed by this time — both for you and your little one. You are now accustomed to it, or more frustrated. Here, David will be interacting with you through smiles, coos, and laughs — not just cry anymore. He will have learned a lot of movements too. He will be crawling slow, sit by his own and begin learning how to use his hands.
  3. Baby — after his sixth month birthday, he will be officially called a baby. This will be his journey from 7 months old up to his first year birthday. Here you will find yourself running around the house chasing your little David as he crawls in the bed and at the floor, climbs everywhere, and picks everything in sight in order to put it in his mouth. Another approach is needed here.

Have you noticed? David will make significant changes every three months. So your approach in caring for him will also change. And in order for you to cope up with that constant change is to be creative in many things. If you are fixed with your first learnings, and not become flexible in changing your style, you will easily get frustrated.

Here are some specifics:

  • Beginning on his birth, he will ASK FOR MILK every two hours. If you have breast milk, you will feed him alone. And you will get tired, and will have sleepless nights. If you don’t have breast milk, then that means, you and Jonathan will go alternately preparing bottled milks for David every two hours during night. After 3 months though, David might be asking milk every 3 hours. Now, your Creativity will help you adjust during these months.
  • BATHING the baby will change dramatically as he grows from newborn to infant to baby. On his newborn months, you will bath him while he’s lying flat on a nursing table. You will do it very quickly so your baby won’t get cold by being exposed to water and air for longer minutes. During infancy, that will change. You will no longer be able to bath him lying on a flat surface because by that time, he is already able to sit and crawl. During bath time, you will sit him comfortably inside a baby tub. Of course that will require another set of skills and timing. If you are not flexible in learning, you and David will struggle during bathing time. When he reaches 7 months old, David will be fast in his movements, can crawl quickly and can grab a lot of little things in front of him. It will be difficult for you to bath him alone. Again, you need to be creative.
  • Changing his diaper after he poop will also need creativity. The first 3 months will be easy. But to change the diaper of a crawling baby who doesn’t understand the word “stop” yet requires creativity. If your are not prepared for this. You will get irritated, annoyed, or frustrated. If you are prepared, it will be fun!
  • As your baby grows, he will change his needs. Therefore you will change his SURROUNDINGS in order to cope up with his needs. Newborn is the easiest. All he needs is a warm embrace, milk, and clean diaper. But when he begins to crawl you need some soft barricades so he won’t fall off the bed when he wakes up while you’re still sleeping. When he learns to pick objects — small and bigyou need to rearrange your things within the house. You will not deprive him of his desire to grab objects, otherwise he won’t learn to use his fingers and his hands. But you also be careful on what objects he may pick to avoid any accident. Be creative in rearranging your things, and everything in your house that will get in contact with the baby.

These are just a few examples to give you a glimpse of what’s going to happen in your journey together. It’s going to be fun or frustrating — depending on whether you are creatively prepared or not. I’m telling you this because I have observed a lot of first-time mothers who were extremely frustrated because they never anticipated all these small things when they were still pregnant. They forgot to prepare, they thought everything will be automatic. They were not deliberate on their care. So they paid the price. But what is worse, is that their baby paid an even higher price.

I don’t want that to happen to you and David. And I’m sure you don’t want it to happen too. So practice your creative mind now while you’re still pregnant. When you practice doing creative things now, even if it’s not yet related to the baby, your mind will be equipped in using creativity to solve problems. And when your little one arrives, your creativity will help both of you.

As your baby journeys to discover life, you will discover a lot of things too — things about yourself, about Jonathan, about your little baby himself. And of course about life in general. But believe me, with a prepared mind and a ready heart, this journey will be the most exciting and fulfilling journey of all.

‘Til next time my dear daughter…

God bless you always!

Kisses to my grandson-to-be,



5 thoughts on “31st Week: Creatively Pregnant

    1. Ah, what can I say Yen? That learning came to me after a painful relationship disaster, after something has been broken beyond repair.

      But thanks anyway! This category on parenting are true letters to true people. I just don’t want to happen to them what I observed happened to many families, including mine.

      Sometimes, the greatest learnings in life come from the most painful irreparable damages we acquired due to our own mistakes.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that Nholie. But you are right. Our greatest learning can sometimes come from our own mistakes. But the beauty there lies in your being able to realize it and do something so that the mistakes won’t happen again as much as possible. God bless you! Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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