Approaching The Right People

Hello Sharon!

As promised, I am now reblogging this post of yours…

But first, let me say something. I chose this particular post of yours because I love the concept you are sharing here. Especially the H.O.T.S. people that surround us:

By process of elimination, I am sure, I am NOT a squirrel — for I’m very poor in details. On the contrary, I love the big picture!

Second, I am definitely NOT a hare, for I love to follow through, and I don’t easily get bored. Patience is one of my strengths.

I’m thinking if I am a bit of a turtle because I love “slow-but-sure” approach to life. But absolutely, I am not a naysayer — for I truly hate a naysaying attitude. Now that leaves me just one choice left.

Maybe, just maybe… I am an owl (although I have squinty eyes), because deep inside I know how much I love strategic planning, and I believe in the power of people-working-together-as-team.

So, to answer your question, I think, not all people are mean. Sometimes, we just go to the wrong person.

What I have learned years ago is that, if I’m going to embark in a very important journey in my life, I have to be very careful in choosing who will be going along with me in my journey. I have accepted the fact that not all people will be joining me. That discovery (and acceptance) somehow taught me how to choose the “right” people who will journey with me. When they do, I also do everything to make their choice (of joining me) worthwhile.

Thanks for your story!

Here’s your post…

Dear Diary,

I had a dream today…I was running through a field of money. I woke up to a burning laptop charger. I guess the energy emitted in my dream was manifested real life. I thought up a business idea today: wrote a business plan to top it all and submitted it to the two most important male figures in my life. Didnt quite go as planned. […]

via Are all people this mean?? — DIARY OF A MONEY MAKING ADDICT


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