Officially A Father

Dear Jonathan,

I congratulate you for having a first born of your own!

You are now a father. And that’s official. Your journey has taken a new chapter — one that will be more exciting than any other chapter you will ever have in your life. Son, this chapter will never end. But it’s up to you if you will make this wonderful or miserable. So from now on, you need to be very careful with your decisions. For whatever you decide will always have an effect on your son, and your family.

For now, enjoy this moment. There is no feeling of joy greater than seeing your first baby on his frist day. His cry becomes music in your ears. His first breath will take yours away. Cherish this my son. And don’t forget to thank God for giving you your little one. David is your greatest blessing!

I’m so happy for you son… you and Hannah! Thank you for giving me my first grandson! This is a new chapter in my life too. And I am very excited!

I love you always!