Supplier of Kindness

The demand of kindness is now getting far bigger than its supply.

In this supply-and-demand savvy world where every businessman is looking for scarcity to make himself its supplier, let’s take it as a great wonderful opportunity to be one. We will not get financially rich as a supplier of kindness, but we will surely get rich in happiness, peace of mind, blessings, friends, love, and other things that matter most in life.

Do you want to be a supplier of kindness?



Ally wrote a wonderful post about this when she asked, Where did common courtesy go?  Maybe you’d like to read it too. 😊

Cocoon and Bridges

What do they have in common, cocoons and bridges? I don’t know. In fact, what I do know is that they yield opposite results: one provides protection and isolation; the other reaches out to the outside world.

Why I Write?

When I was planning to create this blog, I was resolving two questions. The first one is, “Why write?” I knew deep inside, that I love to write. But why? Why do I love to write?

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Since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated with growing things. I love to grow plants. I enjoy watching them everyday as they increase in height, and add more leaves. It fascinates me to observe that in some plants, leaves change colors as they grow.

I love to grow puppies and kittens too, and watch them get bigger as they become dogs and cats. I enjoy watching them learn tricks. I love growing rabbits, hamsters, and birds too.

Decades later, I began to realize that I value growth. It is the process of growing that makes me like to grow plants, animals, other people, and above all, myself. It is also why I love to write.


As an introvert, I give high value to solitude. The peace and tranquility it gives me is incomparable. By being alone, I become more acquainted with my own thoughts and feelings. Solitude is my best friend when it comes to writing. It is a must. A requirement. A necessity. A non-negotiable. Without solitude, it’s extremely difficult for me to write.

The process of writing makes me feel like I’m entering into a cocoon — where all I can see is my inner world. Inside, I engage in internal dialogues, sometimes, even a tug-of-war with myself. When I write, I shrink and stretch at the same time. Then after the writing, I feel like something has changed inside me — a change in a way I look at certain things, or a brand new idea has emerged, or I just fortified some old beliefs that I cherish. When I write, I restore my strength. When I write, I grow. And remember how important “growing” is to me? That makes writing so important to me too: it helps me grow. It helps me feel resolved.


The next question was, “Why in the blogging platform?

I love conversations. It creates connection. Even if Im standing in front of people delivering a speech, I always make it like as if I’m just conversing with another person. If I like both the topic and the person, I can continue the conversation for as long as the person I’m conversing with likes to converse too.

Reading is also part of my everyday life. When I’m reading a book that I like, I converse with its author. No, not literally. What I do is, I write in the corner or side of the paragraph I’m reading, my responses to the topic being discussed. In effect, I feel like I’m conversing with the author.

Unlike static websites where the readers cannot comment or say anything, blogs have the ability to foster conversations. Like cellphones, it is a tool for two-way communications. The readers can interact with the authors. And the authors can continue the conversation.

In other words, blogs are like bridges, they reach out to the readers. And they allow the readers to reach back to the authors. That’s a sort of conversation.

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A Paradox

This blog is cocoon and bridges at the same time. The process of writing makes me enter into my cocoon — protected and isolated from the real world. After I hit the Publish button, the bridges are created. When I read others’ works and leave a comment, (I only comment to the posts I like), I’m reaching out to others — establishing out positive relationships through meaningful conversations. When they respond, that means they are willing to be reached out. When they visit my blog, they are reaching me out as well.

Personal growth is the number one in my list of values. And as an introvert, writing is my best medium for growing myself. It both gives me time to be with myself alone, and at the same time it helps me to reach out to others. Both are necessary in the process of growing.